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1. Break The Mould 
2. Money On A4 Paper

3. Soul Survivor 

4. Stuck In The Dark


6. War Paint 

7. Empty Nights & Empty Days

8. Dangerous 

9. So Alive 

10. Like We Were Never There


a b o u t 

Release date: 2018
Platform: CD/Online

Produced by: Ritch Spence & Emma King

Mixed by: Ritch Spence
Additional Engineer/Mixing: David Watts

Musicians: Emma King, Ritch Spence, Keith Carlock, David Clements, David Santos, Chas Sandford, Chris Scahffner, Michael Whittaker, Steve Pretty, Graham Ward, Ann Bailey, Chloe Du Pre.  

Recorded at: Chairworks Studio, GBSC studio, Velvet Cinema Studios, Secret Sound.

Mastered at: Abbey Road by Sean Magee.
Photography: Jim Gormley, Ritch Spence & Emma King
Album Artwork: Emma King

Distributed: Absolute via Universal/Sony DADC.

Singles: War Paint & Soul Survivor.

With her new album Electric Soul Therapy, Emma King has felt the pull of Intercontinental music-making once more. It was recorded both in the UK and the US, showcasing an evolved sound of Roots, Rock and Soul, alongside the idiosyncratic charm and power of Emma's voice. Featuring Steely Dan's fabulous Keith Carlock on drums, the album is underpinned with a master-crafted authentic feel, and also features film/tv composer Michael Whittaker on Keyboards, David Santos (Elton John, Billy Joel), Chas Sandford (CHICAGO & Stevie Nicks) and many more… 

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