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1. Devil City
2. All The Other Fools
3. Keep It Coming 
4. Rolllin' In
5. Baby You Don't Mean Nothing

6. You Lie Awake

7. (Let's Hope) Tomorrow Is A Better Day

8. The Lights

9. Now We Get Away

10. Over & Out


A B O U T 

Release date: 2016
Platform: Online / Physical CD

Produced by: Ritch Spence & Emma King

Mixed by: Ritch Spence
Additional Engineers: Marco Pasquariello, Ben Mclusky and Tom Leach. 

Musicians: Emma King, Ritch Spence, Ben Matthews, Chris Britt, Eddy Spence, Graham Ward, Mike Newsham, Tony Morra, Brandon Onstad.

Recorded at: Snap Studio, London, Downtown Batterie, Nashville.

Mastered at: Abbey Road by Sean Magee.
Photography: Emma King & Ritch Spence
Album Artwork: Emma King

Distributed: Absolute via Universal/Sony DADC. 

The vinyl addition includes a different cover, track-listing order and doesn't include 'The Lights' instead an alternative song was added called 'Lost In Time' . 


The power of Emma’s voice has taken her from Kingston-Upon-Hull to touring the US and Europe, receiving 5-star reviews along the way. Now she’s back on home soil to release a debut album. Her sound is an idiosyncratic mix of pop, soul and roots, with a voice that brings comparisons to Joss Stone, Annie Lennox and Christina Aguilera. 

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